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Bleached Eyebrows 101!

Welcome all! I have had my eyebrows bleached now for about 2 months, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions along the way. Before I took the plunge and bleached mine I did a lot of searching for information, and let me tell you, there is very little out there. So, I thought I would chronical my experience with them, answer all of the questions I couldn’t find answers for, and give a tutorial of the process.

So to start off, I did not bleach my eyebrows to match my hair, I bleached them because A) I craved more creative freedom and B) I love the “alien” look of fluffy, barely there eyebrows.


  • Can anyone bleach their eyebrows? The only people I would say who cannot bleach their eyebrows are those of you with extremely sensitive skin. Please bear in mind, with eyebrow bleaching, the bleach is touching your skin directly.
  • What supplies will I need? You will need a bottle of cream developer, bleach powder, a small plastic container (plastic bowl, Tupperware, etc.), a plastic 1/8th or 1/4 tsp. measuring spoon, and a plastic utensil with a small tip/end (the end of a plastic fork/spoon/knife, the end of a rattail comb, etc.).
  • What level developer should I use? It depends. Is your skin sensitive even in the slightest? Do you have very fine or sparse brow hairs? Are your brow hairs anywhere on the blonde-medium brown spectrum? If yes to any of those questions, start with 10 vol. and see how it goes. You can always mix in a little 20, or switch to 20 all together if need be. Better to start very low and work your way up than to give yourself a burn. Is your skin normal and you have dark brows? Are your brows very thick/coarse? Then I’d say you’re safe to use 20 vol. if you want. Although I would recommend basically everyone start with 10 vol. until you get the hang of it and have a better grasp of just how sensitive that area is on your own face. Personally, I use 20 vol (1 part 10 vol. 1 part 30 vol. = 20 vol.) because it is what does the job best, but I must say by the time 10 minutes rolls around it does feel slightly uncomfortable (itchy, warm).
  • What type of bleach powder should I get? I highly recommend a violet or blue colored one so it will tone a little bit as it bleaches. That way you don’t end up with super orange eyebrows.
  • What is maintenence like? Honestly it isn’t bad at all! Fun fact, your eyebrow hairs only grow a little bit in length, once they get to a certain point they fall out making room for the new hairs that replace them. So you don’t really get “roots” it’s more just little hairs growing in here and there that are new and thus, unbleached. My brows grow very quickly, so I touch up my brows every 10 days or so. Most people I’ve spoken to who also have bleached brows say they have to touch up every 2-3 weeks. Also, if you want to put off touch-ups a little bit, you can always run some concealer through your brows with a spoolie! Something else to consider is maintenance isn’t like bleaching your hair. Every time I touch up it takes me less than 15 minutes, and 12 minutes of that is just letting the bleach sit on my brows!

    On to the tutorial!

    1. Supplies: as stated above, here are the supplies you’ll need.                        
      Clockwise from top left: PLASTIC mixing container, PLASTIC mixing utensil and measuring spoon, small clip (to close your packet of bleach powder for safe keeping, since it takes very little product to do the job), Developer (DO NOT use 30 vol. I mix it 50/50 with the 10 to make 20. Only use 30 alone if you are very experienced and KNOW your skin and eye-area can handle it), violet toned bleach powder.
    2. Measurements: you will need 1 part developer to 1 part bleach powder. I would recommend just 1/4 teaspoon of each, since it hardly takes any to do eyebrows. Personally, I have to mix 1/4 tsp. (30 vol.) + 1/4 tsp. (10 vol.) = 1/2 tsp. 20 volume. I then add 1/2 tsp. bleach powder (since that’s the total amount of developer I used).                                                           
    3. Mixing: this step is simple, just be sure to mix your concoction together until it is completely smooth and there’s no little pockets of powder (that could fall into your eye!).                                         
    4. Application: You need to find a tool that is big/flat enough to pick up and smoosh the bleach onto the brows, but that is also pointy enough to comb it through and backwards really into your brows. I have found the wrong end of a plastic fork/knife/spoon to do just the job! Whatever you find, it MUST be plastic (anything coming in direct contact with the bleach mixture must be plastic). You want to take a little blob, the size of a literal pea (probably even smaller to start) and very carefully spread it on the front of your eyebrow. The smaller the amount the less likely it is to drip or fall onto your eye/face, play it safe people. Once the front of your eyebrow has a decent coating, take the pointier end of your tool and “comb” backwards against your hairs, gently. This will ensure the bleach gets even the hairs that lay underneath the surface, do this thoroughly so you don’t have any stray unbleached hairs!
      This is what your eyebrow should look like once thoroughly coated in bleach. It may be a different color if you use white or blue bleach powder (I used purple).
    5. Waiting: If you’re a newbie I would leave your (volume 10) on for 10 minutes, 8 if you have any skin sensitivity. Learn what works best for you, it’s better to do 2 or 3 processes of 10 vol. for 10 minutes than to burn your skin by  leaving it on too long or using too strong of a mix. Personally, because I have pretty non-sensitive skin, coarse, dark, and thick brows, I leave my 20 volume on for 12 minutes. After about 10 minutes my eyebrows feel warm and a bit itchy. Slight warmth and mild itching is completely normal, but the second you feel any type of discomfort run to a sink and remove the bleach (see next step) and wash the area with facial cleanser. 
    6. Removal: To remove the bleach, I personally don’t think it’s safe to just wash it away, for fear of it running into your eyes with the water. I find it best to take a few sheets of toilet paper folded into a square and wipe the bleach off in the direction your brow grows. Starting off in the front of your brow, and firmly wiping towards the tail. This is just to remove the majority of the bleach so if the water, when washing, goes into your eyes it won’t hurt at all. Once wiped away I take a gentle facial cleanser (do not use anything with AHAs, BHAs, Salicylic Acid or any other type of acne treatment), and gently wash the area to make sure I’ve removed all bleach residue from the area. Remember your skin is very open and sensitive right now, especially if this is your first time.
    7. After care & makeup: Afterwards feel free to apply your favorite oil (coconut is great but other facial or beauty oils would work the same), or deep moisturizer. My favorite is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (here) or just plain coconut oil! The first time I bleached my brows I waited, about 11 hours to do my makeup, just to make sure my skin wouldn’t react unexpectedly. So I bleached them at night and did my makeup like usual the next day, and I recommend the same for every new brow bleacher. Now that I am more seasoned, and I know how my skin reacts of the bleach, I will bleach my brows around 9 AM and do my makeup like usual around 11:30. This has worked for me, get comfortable and find hat works best or you!

        I hope this post was helpful to anyone and everyone who is looking for more information on brow bleaching! It is seriously so easy and gives me so much more freedom with my makeup, i don’t know when or if my ever going back to “normal” brows!
        Quick sidenote: If you’re desperately trying to grow out your eyebrows, bleaching is a great option! Your can’t see all of the regrowth, you can fill them in for work or whatever and you don’t have to worry about it looking like you have weird stubble/stray hairs all around your brows as they get nice and bushy. Once you’re ready and they’re grown out to your liking, just stop bleaching them and within the month they’ll be your natural color again! I can’t wait to totally reshape mine when I let them go natural again eventually. 🙂

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