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Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Review & Swatches

Hello again all! Thank you for sticking around and baring with me during this time of trying to find balance between my personal life while also building my blog. This is the first of many posts to be going up very soon, I also have a very exciting Beauty Blender dupe post in the works…;) Anyways, this post is a review of the brand new Anastasia of Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Keep scrolling to get onto the review!

Basics: This palette is available at Ulta,  Sephora,  Anastasia’s brand siteMacy’s & Dillards. It is $42 USD across the board and contains 14 (0.02 oz each) eyeshadows and one duel ended eye brush. This palette is the first to become permanent. Eleven of the 14 shades in the palette can pass as matte, even though some of the “mattes” have a teeny tint bit of sheen/micro shimmer that doesn’t really transfer from pan to eye. It is only really visible in swatches under low light. The three shades that are certainly not matte are Primavera, Vermeer, and Antique Bronze. The very very true mattes are Realgar, Cyprus Umber, Love Letter, Red Ochre, Burnt Orange, Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Buon Fresco & Warm Taupe. The two shades that have a barely-there sheen are Venetian Red & Tempera. I will do a full shade break down below, under the swatch photos.

Packaging: This palette is housed in a sturdy cardboard packaging, the cover is a dusty pink/mauve velvet material. The packaging surrounding the shadows themselves is a shiny black cardboard. Overall, it’s simplistic, compact, and sturdy yet lightweight, making it perfect for travel. As far as aesthetics go, I really love that they stuck with a really simple white font for the palettes’ name and made the brand name in metallic rose gold.

Size comparison between the ABH palette and the original Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

Quality: This is my first ever Anastasia product, and I am beyond impressed! It not only swatches beautifully but it blew every expectation I had out. of. the. water. upon actual application. Every single shade is buttery smooth, blends flawlessly, shows up true to color, and one of the best parts in my book is the fact that the gorgeous reds actually stay truly red on my eyes! I have other palettes that have reds or fuscias but ever single one just turns into a muddy brown once my eye look is complete. These shades are incredibly versatile, unique and preform in every way I’d want them to! Something to be aware of is these shadows are pretty soft, so when you dip a fluffier brush into them, there is kick-up. I’d say if you’re not bothered by Lorac or Kat Von D shadows then it won’t bother you at all, it’s about on par with those. The brush that came with the palette is actually pretty nice too. I had low expectations (I almost never like in-palette brushes) but it’s nice; the smudger side is so super soft, dense, and the perfect firmness. The fluffier side is a little more scratchy than I’d like, but certainly not so much where it’s uncomfortable at all. It is a little smaller and less puffy than my It! airbrush blending brush I use for my transition, so it works perfectly for adding a one-shade deeper color to define my crease.

Swatches & in depth shade break down:

Finger swatches in natural day light
Finger swatches in low artificial lighting

I will go in the order of the swatches, left to right.

Top Row:

  • Tempera– is a neutral very light cream, I would classify it as having a satin finish. This has very quickly become my  HG brow bone highlight!
  • Golden Ochre– a yellow toned light tan. When I use this color as my transition I always notice it adds a unique warmth.
  • Vermeer– a pink toned champagne, almost foiled shimmer. This shade is so intensely metallic, a gorgeous inner corner highlight. Also one of my favorites, because I feel it perfectly embodies Vermeers’ Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I love.
  • Buon Fresco– a midtone dusty, greyed mauve. I was surprised actually, this color is a lot more intense and a bit darker than I was expecting. It’s also super unique, very pleasantly surprised!
  • Antique Bronze-this shade looks like literal aged bronze. It is a coppery mid/deep brown with warm undertones. The finish of this shadow is very unique, it’s a little more shiny than a satin but not quite as reflective as a true shimmer, right in between. Zero chunks or flakes of actual glitter though!
  • Love Letter– this shade is as if a perfect wine and fuscia had a baby, and it is glorious! It’s very intense and stays true to color on the lid but I find it extremely wearable.
  • Cyprus Umber– a deep, dark chocolatey brown with slightly warm undertones. This color is so rich, it is perfect to help tie any look together!

    Bottom Row:

    • Raw Sienna– a very warm camel/tan shade. Being as fair as I am, I can use this blown out as my transition or on a more tapered brush to define my crease a little more. I will also use this in place of my bronzer (which I usually throw in my crease) on no-makeup-makeup days!
    • Burnt Orange– this shade is like a slightly muted burnt orange color, it’s not as deep or as brown toned as I think most people picture a “burnt orange” looking like. It is very warm, & what I’d consider my ideal transition shade.
    • Primavera– a golden champagne, with neutral undertones, not too yellow not too beige/pink.
    • Red Ochre– is a rich brick red, yet neutral enough to work in any look.
    • Venetian Red– a slightly more cool, wine toned red. This shade is a very matte shadow that has extremely fine micro shimmer throughout it, I could only see it in my low light swatch. On the eye it wouldn’t be noticeable unless you took a very close up photo with flash. 
    • Warm Taupe– the name of this shadow describes it perfectly! It is a midtoned brown, with a hint of grey and coolness. It is much warmer than 95% of other taupes, which makes the name perfectly fitting. The depth of this color is perfect for adding a kiss of definition to the crease without it getting too smoky or dark.
    • Realgar– pronounced [ree-al-gar]. This shade is named after a mineral, also known as Ruby Arsenic, and after some research I must say the name is perfect! The mineral is most commonly this exact color. This shade is a very intense, warm pumpkiny red-orange.

      Thus far I have done 3 looks using this palette and am so so so thrilled with my purchase! I’m relieved this palette is permanent so when I hit pan on every one of these shades there’s no need to stress, I can just purchase a new one.:)

      Overall: I would absolutely 10/10 recommend this to anyone and everyone!! It would be amazing for a beginner and a great addition to any addicts collection. The quality is mind-boggling and the possibilities are endless.

      I hope you all enjoyed my review as much as I’ve enjoyed testing this product and raving about it.😁 If you’re not already, be sure to subscribe below to get a little email every time I put up a new post (we never spam!). I hope your week is going great and that all of my US babes have fun Fourth of July plans!🇺🇸

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