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ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches💋

Hello beauty babes! I’d like to start off by saying, I know this product has been on the market for a while now, but I wanted to add my two cents to the interwebz. I recently placed and order with ColourPop for 5 of their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks ($6 each). If you want to hear all about my experience and my review of the products, keep scrolling!

Experience: I received my order within about 10 days, which wasn’t bad in my book considering I ordered right around New Years. I ordered shades StingRaye, Mr. Blonde, Dr. M, Jellies, & Koala. **something to be aware of ColourPop will not give refunds on opened products, they will only replace a broken/defective item or an item that was damaged during shipping.** For this reason, the first color I opened was Mr. Blonde, because if I hated the formula on my lips I could always use it in my brows or as eyeliner and get a refund on the other four shades. It’s obviously up to you how you handle their return restrictions, I just wanted to put it out there since it’s a little hard to find on their site.

Colors: Like I said above, I ordered Mr. Blonde, Dr. M, Jellies, Koala & StingRaye. Onto the swatches and color descriptions!



Mr. Blonde is an electric sky blue. This formula was the patchiest of the bunch, but even so it applied easily and I experienced no flaking or cracking. This color also works like a charm for fake freckles, on the eyebrows and even for eyeliner (as long as you keep it relatively thin it won’t transfer).



Jellies is a true, deep blue. This shade is my second favorite of the bunch, and it’s surprisingly wearable! Super opaque, easy to apply and super duper comfortable on the lips. I could wear this baby for hours and hours and hours, COMFORTABLY.💙


Dr. M is a deep, blue-toned forest green. This color is super unique, and I’m so glad to have it in my collection! This went on opaque and smoothly, it also wore pretty well. I have two qualms about this color, though. One is that it really emphasizes the inner rim of your lips (the area you can’t put product on). The second problem I have is more personal preference, I just really wish it was more green, I mean, it’s green but when I wore it out, it’s so blue leaning that everyone thought it was blue. I really would LOVE to see a chartreuse Ultra Matte be released in the future!


Koala is a gorgeous pastel bright lavender/fuchsia. This applied the most sheer of the bunch but wasn’t too difficult to get full coverage. Oddly enough, this too was the most matte of the group as well, the name “Ultra Matte” really holds true with this one especially! Although comfortable while on the lips, once I wipe this baby off my lips feel verrrry dry.


StingRaye on my lips PLUS Mr. Blonde & Jellies in my brows

I saved the best for last with StingRaye! StingRaye is ItsMyRayeRaye’s collaboration with ColourPop and it also happens to be a near exact dupe for Jeffree Stars’ Androgyny (see photo below) that everyone is going insane over. The formula is beautifully opaque and is ammmmmazingly comfortable! It’s a gorgeous deep brown-nude with lots of mauve thrown in the mix. It is so flattering on every skin tone I’ve seen it on, I highly recommend this to everyone!

Photo courtesy of @dupethat on Instagram or

Performance: There are SO many mixed reviews of these liquid lipsticks, I didn’t know what to think before buying! I noticed almost all of the negative reviews included complaints of flaking and cracking of the product while on the lips. My trick to avoid that issue is as follows: when you pull out the wand, wipe off all of the visible excess product. Most obviously, the little deposit on the tip of the doe foot applicator. Then, I apply a thin layer on the center portion of my bottom lip and press my lips together to coat the center of my top lip as well. Its so lightweight you won’t feel like there’s enough on your lips to do this, but trust me, there is. Then, I just go around the perimeter of my lips and detail the edges in thin coats. With this method I have had ZERO issues with flaking or cracking and they wear beautifully!

Overall: I really, really LOVE this product & would definitely recommend them to you all if you’re into the liquid lipstick trend happening right now! They’re highly-pigmented, comfortable to wear for hours, and don’t crack or flake. They have tons of colors so I suggest going to their site for more information and swatches. I’m in love and I definitely plan on ordering more very soon!

Do you have an recommendations for other ColourPop products for me to try? Who makes your favorite liquid lipstick formula? Do you prefer matte or glossy lips?!

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