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Review: Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Trio

Hey babes! Today I want to bring you a review of a product I just got about a week ago for my birthday. The two reasons I’m getting this review up so quickly after getting this product in the mail is because A) when I was purchasing this item, there was maybe one review with swatches online and B) it’s limited edition. More info, pictures & swatches after the jump!

What you need to know: This is a trio of Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks that retails for $20US. Each one is .03 fl oz (or 1ml for our metric system friends), which adds up to .09 oz and a full size is .10 oz and $24 US, making this set a pretty great value. Two colors are exclusive to this set, Baci and Ricco (although rumored to be added to the permanent lineup sometime in 2016), and one is their best selling, Beso. This set is Ulta exclusive, however, Sephora also has an Eternal Love set from Stila, which comes with six minis and is $39.


Pictured: Beso

The colors in this set are:

Baci: A medium toned nude-mauve. Very very flattering, gorgeous everyday, wearable color! Completely opaque in one layer.

Beso: A true, rich red. Does not lean warm or cool (no trace of orange or blue undertones), this lippie is classic red through and through. 95% opaque in one layer, may need to go over one or two spots for full coverage.

Ricco: This color is a deep maroon that leans slightly brownish with ever so slight mauve undertones. 85% opaque on hand swatch but on my lips it’s 95% opaque in one layer.

L-R: Baci, Beso, Ricco

Scent & Texture: These lippies smell sweet but not sickly. I’d identify the scent as artificial vanilla cake batter scent, I know that might sound odd but that’s the best way I can describe it. The scent is in no way overwhelming, just enough “there” for me to detect it upon application and it dissipates once it dries (about 45 seconds). The texture is wet, it’s like a wetter version of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream formula, not quite as whipped/thick. It glides on smoother than anything else I own, and after hearing endless rants about how difficult liquid lipsticks are to apply, they surprised me with how user friendly they are! My only complaint is that on this mini version there is no stopper, so no product gets scraped off the doe foot applicator, you have to scrape it on the edge to get rid of excess. No big deal, I know that bugs some people though.

Baci freshly applied
Pictured: Ricco
Pictured: Besso

These lipsticks wear very comfortably, they are dry as is typical for liquid to matte lipsticks. However, I never feel discomfort or experience flakeiness. To remove I either use a baby wipe, or rub some coconut oil directly on my lips and wipe away with a tissue. I find the coconut oil method makes things easier, albeit a teeny bit messier! With eating and drinking I can get about 7 hours of wear out of these (unless I eat something mega greasy, which cuts right through the product), with just slight wear on the inner rim of my lips.

Baci after about 9 hours of wear, I didn't eat anything super greasy it I think it still looks pretty dark great for no touch ups!

Overall I strongly suggest the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Eternal Love trio available for purchase from Stila’s website. It is currently out of stock on Stila’s website and Ulta but should be back again soon, so keep an eye out! They’re 100% worth the wait.:)

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