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Review: The Power of Ultra Downy!

Hey babes! Today I wanted to chat and share my opinion about something I recently received from Influenster. Influenster is an online community of people who test, review and help other people with new products by sharing our opinions. Its completely free, you answer some survey-style questions, connect your social media and that’s it. your “social impact” will be evaluated and if you’re eligible you could receive a VoxBox full of free goodies! Anywho, onto my review…

I received Ulta Downy in the April Fresh scent, and the first thing I noticed is that my entire VoxBox smelled ahhhh-mazing. I love the scent of this stuff, and it’s super useful to me, how it’s in liquid form.

How cute is this mini bottle?!

Here’s the situation, we currently do not have a dryer, we have a washer and we hang dry all of our clothes. It saves tons of energy, and since we live in the desert they dry pretty quickly with the fiery sun beating down on them. The one major downfall of air drying clothes is that it makes them crunchy. I don’t mean a tad stiff, I mean they dry wrinkly and the wrinkles become really…crunchy! It’s hard to explain and a total pain in the butt, especially having a 14 month old. The last thing you want is a toddler with irritated skin from crunchy onesies!

I’ve used this on three loads of laundry thus far (the bottle is for 12 loads supposedly), and I am very pleased! I didn’t have super high expectation because I’ve never used fabric softener before and don’t really understand how it works. I don’t know how it does it but this stuff works. After air drying our clothes outside I brought them in and Mckenzie’s jammies felt as soft as they were brand-new! I’m so happy that the result was exactly as Downy claimed, soft clothes that smell fantastic. In fact, I put the clothes in our bedroom before I folded them while I tended to the baby and when I ran in there to grab something the entire room smelled really fresh, clean and springy! Not like a strong overwhelming candle, just a noticeable hint of wonderful April Fresh scent.

Kenzie is her newly soft little jammies!:)

Overall, I would definitely recommend you try this product if you want your clothes soft as new and smelling fresh and clean! I will be purchasing this product once my mini tester bottle runs out. Thank you all for reading my review of Ultra Downy April Fresh, I love it and I think you will too!

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I received this product for free through influenster to test and review, all opinions are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review.

Shannon 🙂


3 thoughts on “Review: The Power of Ultra Downy!

  1. Hey Girl I got the same box. I really enjoyed the Downey too. I may have added a little too much it didn’t last me as long. But r clothes smell so good and so soft even when u take them out of the washing machine. We usually use dryer sheets. But they don’t give anything like the liquid Downy did. Great review. Thanks for sharing. Should e back in the app ASAP. I’m getting an iPod Touch from the web designer. I write them a cpl times trying to figure it out. Why I couldn’t and how I could get back on. I told them how important it was to me and how much I love all that is on there. And they said they were touched by my story and were going to send me ipod so I would be able to get back on. Because my iPhone won’t update to that IOS. I couldn’t believe it. Super excited. I just want to be able to get on and be with my BFFs. I miss everyone so much. I am not able to get out meet here and who knows if they would love makeup like we all do. But being at home all the time it gets pretty hard with no one but hubby and son to talk to. Who could care less about makeup. Hope to see on there soon. Thanks for review.


    1. Hey babe!! I know I literally just came from the GLG app reading about a bunch of the girls (and me!) being worried about where you had gone, we can’t wait for you to be back! I know the struggle, my daughter is WAY too young for makeup talk and I don’t have any real life gal pals around here so it gets hard not having anyone to talk to, that’s why I love you ladies so much! Hubby tries to listen but since he doesn’t really understand a lot of the “lingo” it’s not the same, although I greatly appreciate it. That touches my heart hearing that they’re sending you an iPod, how generous is that?! Amazing. You deserve it bun and we are all so thrilled to have you back asap. Quick question, are you subscribed to me on a WordPress account or just using your email?:)


      1. I am subbed in the I don’t know much about any of it. But I think that’s what it have me when I did with my email. It comes in my email. Wow I feel blessed that anyone noticed and does miss me. Makes u feel good. Please tell them I just couldn’t get in with the new update and will be ASAP. I don’t care if u tell them how. I plan on posting about it when I get back on. But doesn’t bother me if u do. Think it says a lot about the app team. I don’t know if Tati had anything to do with it or knows about it. But she responded to my comment in her and her sis video. Which was amazing how much they look alike. But please let everyone know. By the way u have a Beautiful little girl. I really love that pic of her in here. Kids r the best. Especially little ones I think. Used to do daycare in my home licensed and all. Loved it. Did it four months into my first chemo session many yrs ago but they hit me hard with chemo because it so far advanced by the time we found it and that’s how that Cancer is. But I had to stop and my immune couldn’t even take it now. But I miss it a lot. Got really close to the kids and in contact with a cpl now they r all grown up. So cool. Thanks so much.


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