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My Halloween Look 2015👻🎃

Hey babes! Can I just say I love Halloween!!! As much as I love it though, I always always always procrastinate until the last minute with my costume (and pumpkin carving, last year I literally got the last two pumpkins on this Earth). Which in years past, always lead to scrambling around and not-so-fun last minute stress. But not this year! This year I decided the day before I wanted to be Harley Quinn and Logan would be my puddin’, the Joker. Which, funny story, I was completely against this whole “Harley Quinn” trend up until I decided that would he my costume. I thought it was one of those silly trends that hits every so many years, yanno’ now with approximately 8,000 comic book based movies coming out a year.

Anywhoo! I didn’t go all out, my outfit was just all black and I did the fitting makeup and hair for the character. Side note: I’m. Not. Blonde.

Introducing our 14 month old who has no fear of people in scary face paint and/or costumes but bawls when a little old man tries to give candy to her during trick or treating!

We got a couple other family photos but for whatever reason they won’t format in properly!

I used some urban decay eye shadows, Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick in Craving Coral, I mixed white cream paint in with my foundation, Kat Von D tattoo liner for the eyeliner and little heart on my cheek, and then just normal beauty stuff like mascara and primer.

Now for some random baby pictures of Mckenzie’s pre-costume Halloween outfit:




I hope you all had good, safe, fun this Halloween and I’m not the only one already thinking about next year!;)

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