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Review: Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara

Hello lovelies! I have been trying to brainstorm some blog ideas and I totally forgot I’ve been putting the new Covergirl Super Sizer mascara to the test over the last few weeks. I wanted to get a really good idea of how I feel about this mascara, and now that I’ve gotten to know this product I’m ready to give my thoughts! Keep reading to find out 🙂

While not mega-bulky the tube feels much larger than my other mascaras.

Nothing really special about the tube, I like the color combination but besides that it’s very basic and doesn’t have any real visual interest.


Shorter bristles on one side that go from longer to shorter, I love using this side for my lower lashes!


As you can see this side is wider than the other one, and has bristles that go from shorter to longer. This is generally the side I use to do my top lashes!

I don’t have any before (bare lashes) and after (with this mascara on) because I have such straight lashes you can’t really tell the difference, sorry. 😦

Overall thoughts: This is a nice mascara and if you have naturally curly lashes you’d probably love it! I know tons and tons of women who adore this mascara but for me, someone with very straight lashes, this doesn’t give me my desired effect. Then again, this isn’t the waterproof formula, so if you’re a straight lash gal but really want to give this a shot, opt for the waterproof version! It gives nice volume, some length and surprisingly when I don’t curl my lashes prior to application I even notice a little added curl. 🙄

Score 7/10

I hope you babes enjoyed this post, I’m trying to restrain myself from making every post a novel because I know some people aren’t into that. Do you like this mascara? What are you favorite mascaras?

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One thought on “Review: Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara

  1. I do love this mascara but I totally agree that it doesn’t do a great job on straight lashes. I have the non waterproof formula and while I do curl my lashes, the mascara doesn’t hold the curl all day. Love the review!


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