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Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation

Hey beauties, thanks so much for visiting me today! I have been hard at work, or hardly working testing the relatively new Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation (available here for $7.99). For some background since I haven’t reviewed a foundation on my blog before; I live in Arizona (its 105°F at almost 6pm as I type this), I have normal skin that can get oily around my nose and my forehead, and I’m not sensitive.

What Rimmel London claims:

Full coverage foundation enriched with a comfort serum.
Instant perfect coverage that lasts all day.
Sweat, heat, humidity, and transfer proof for up to 25 hours.
Dermatologist tested.

To find out whether or not it lives up to it’s bold claims keep reading.

Alright to start, here’s a some photos of the bottle, opening, and ingredient list.


Note: no pump, boooooo. 😦



Packaging: Well to start, there’s no pump which is a bummer, especially with this foundation having a thicker formula. Besides that I enjoy the bottle, cap & whatnot. The bottle is sturdy thick glass (not the best for travel but doesn’t feel super fragile so in a carry-on I’m sure it’d be fine), and the cap screws on nice and securely, no leaks! 4/5

Here is a photo of me with and without the foundation side by side so you can get an idea of it’s coverage (on my very dark circles, spots, etc.).


Coverage & Blendability: I really enjoy the coverage this foundation provides, it hides my spots well and did a decent job at covering my chronic dark circles. I would say it is medium/full coverage, but might start to look thick if you layer it. I find this foundation works best when you use a smaller amount, It still gives the same effect but is much much easier to blend in. A little goes a long ways. I don’t currently have a beauty sponge so I use a brush but it would probably apply even better with a sponge! 3.5/5

Wear: Rimmel has some pretty tall claims about this product, and I’ve been putting it to the test for about 3 weeks now. Right after application this foundation stays kind of tacky for some time (unless of course you set it right away). That bothered me at first but I played around with it a bit and found it really doesn’t take away from the wear or look. Although this is meant to be long-wearing it doesn’t claim to be matte anywhere. I set this with Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent and it dries down to a satin finish, not dewy but not completely matte either. It keeps me from being oily but I don’t look chalky or dry, very natural “skin” looking. The longest I’ve worn this foundation is for about 15 hours, while cooking and after being in the heat keeping up with our 1 year old and I had to powder every 5 hours or so. As far as transfer proof, I would say it is transfer resistant. After I finish doing my makeup if I lightly rub my nose I get almost no transfer, but after a few hours if I give hubby a hug or Kenzie decides to smoosh her face against my face it visibly transfers a bit; not a large amount, just enough so that I can see it. 3.3/5

Some looks where I’m wearing this foundation:




Final Verdict: I like This foundation, it provides nice coverage and lasts pretty well. Is it my favorite drugstore foundation? No. Will it last 25 hours like it claims? Not for me, but if you’re dry maybe, although I wouldn’t recommend ever wearing makeup for that long! Is it a great option for people who are looking for a decent foundation at a very fair price point? Absolutely!

Thank you all so so much for dropping by to read my review! I’m trying to get into a schedule of writing once a week, so far so good, so I will see you all (hopefully) back here in a week! 🙂

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