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Mckenzie’s First Birthday!

Hello again lovelies, I’m so so so soooooooo excited to bring this post to you today because our baby girl turned ONE! Her birthday was the 22nd and we had a small party with just our family & a lot of cake! Keep reading to see lots of photos and hear all about it 🙂

So for Mckenzie’s birthday we just celebrated with the three of us and her grandma and grandpa (Logan’s parents), we wanted to keep it small to minimize the necessity of planning and to lessen the stress/business of the day (sidenote: when you’re saying you’re very busy like “busy-ness” is it spelled business and it’s put into context or is it spelled differently than like “my moms small business”?!). Anyway, we bought a nice cake and I wanted to pipe on her name since I just don’t trust people in stores to do it, I don’t know. I totally fudged up her name, I didn’t misspell it, I just forgot how to do a cursive “z” halfway through and accidentally made it a messed up “j” instead #waytogoshannon. Good thing I could scrap the top half off, gently, and it didn’t completely ruin it! 😀

I DIY’d her little “one” banner on her high chair (which I can totally make a post all about if you’re interested!) and we had some balloons which she went nuts over too. All around it wasn’t a stressful day, we just spent lots of time hanging out and enjoying our little one year old blessing!

Makeup fro the day of, I wanted to keep it simple and glowy. I wasn't about to take 3 hours of such a special day to go full glam 😉


Only cool kids smear cake through their hair over and over and over and over 😉
After all her toys were in front of her she didn't know what to do!

We will be going for her 12 month check up sometime this coming week or next (we have roughly 85,000 doctor’s appointments the next week or so) and then I will update this post with her current weight and height. We had so much fun watching McKenzie have fun, and I hoped you all enjoyed this peek into our very special day of celebration!

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