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Winged Liner 101!

Hey lovlies! I always get compliments and questions about how I get my winged liner to look so good and so I thought it’d be fitting to make a blog post about it! Winged eyeliner is one of those things that’s much easier to do than people realize and many people get too intimidated by it. It can elongate and lift the eye, make you appear more awake and add some flare or the finishing touch to any look. If you’re interested in learning how to get winged liner right, keep reading!

Alrighty so first things first, when you’re going to attempt a winged liner pick your medium carefully.


Pencil: Unless you have a very fine pointed automatic type liner pencil I don’t recommend this method as pencils tend to be the smudgiest, hard to get a sharp line with, and the least precise.
Gel: With this method you have a pot and a brush, so it’s not ideal to travel with because it’s a tad more fussy. However, it allows the most control and is the most forgiving method. You don’t need to have an extremely steady hand, and if you can’t get a very fine point you can clean up easily before it dries completely using a Q-tip or makeup wipe. Quick tip, the brush you use will greatly impact your result. More stiff for more control, softer and less firm for a not so sharp look or for someone who prefers a thicker wing.
Liquid: My personal favorite is liquid. Its a little more difficult if you have a very unsteady hand or are a newbie but just like with everything practice makes perfect. I suffered years of really bad eyeliner to get where I am with my wings. This method usually produces the sharpest, most dramatic wing. You can’t smudge liquid eyeliner so it’s not ideal for smoky eyes. Most people seem really intimidated by liquid eyeliner but really it’s not that hard! If you are determined to learn but don’t want to mess up your hard work practice adding a wing right before you remove your makeup for the night!


Now that you’ve chosen your weapon of choice, onto the process itself.

Step One:

**I'm sorry for the funky lighting in this photo, all of these are of the exact same eye look, one taken directly after the next so I don't know why this ones off 😦 **

Gosh, my eyebrows look so scary in close ups! 😱 Anyways, the first thing you want to do is draw very thin line as close to your lashes as humanly possible. Even if you want a mega thick line this step is important to kind of set a guide for yourself.

Step Two:


Secondly, look down into a mirror (or if you have a stationary mirror just tilt your chin up slightly so you’re kind of looking downward into it). Look at your bottom waterline and mentally map out a line that just extends right off of that. Then once you’re feeling confident with a game plan, take your liner and where your very thin line ends (still looking down!) lightly draw that line you mentally mapped out. All you want to do is draw it where your waterline would be if it just kept on going (if that makes sense).

Step Three


To fill in the wing I recommend placing your tool of choice down, not at the very tip of the wing but just a touch lower. The reason is because if you place it down right at the very tail, it’ll make it thicker. So for me I always place it down right about where you see the pink line in the photo above, and draw the line that’ll complete the triangle of your wing, connecting it to your very thin base line. I advise starting thinner and building because it’s very hard to clean up eyeliner without getting black streaks or also removing the makeup underneath.

Final Step


Thicken your base line, “attaching” it to your wing. You want your line to get thicker as it gets closer to the wing (so it’s a seamless transition from line to flick) and thinner as you get closer to your tear duct. & if you don’t like the angle of your wing you can adjust it a bit by drawing a line on the outside of your sing that’s slightly curved up (to lift the wing and make it appear angled upward more), or thicken the wing by drawing a line on the inside and elongating it (to make it angle more downward or appear flatter).

That’s it! I encourage you all to at least give winged liner a go, it can really compliment so many eye shapes and enhance so many looks. I hope this was helpful for all of you and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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