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Influenster & Dove Advanced Care (#Dove48Hour)

So recently I received my very first Vox Box through Influenter. How Influenster works is you sign up using your name & email, you connect your social networks through their website so they can tally up how many followers you have (and measure your “social impact”, they never post anything in your name or look at private info), and take some surveys so they can match you to products that they can send you for review. I can do a much more in-depth post about exactly how it works if any of you are interested, just leave a comment below or reach out to me using my “Contact Me” page. If you’re interested you can sign up here!

The particular box I received was the Dove Advanced Care Vox Box, which included one Dove Advanced Care deodorant in the Caring Coconut scent. Let me just quickly note that I was amped up to be receiving my very first Vox Box, I have been hoping and working at trying to get one and finally my efforts pay off! I felt so weird being so intensely excited to get deodorant in the mail, haha. Alright so onto my review;

Ingredient list.

Packaging: pretty and efficient. Its nice and slender which makes it ideal for travel. My go-to deodorant for years was Secret and their new packaging is nice to look at but pretty bulky if you ask me. It feels solid in my hand, I love seeing it on my dresser, I have had zero issues twisting it up (& down!) successfully and I definitely prefer this packaging to others I have used over the years.


Scent: now I am not a coconut girl, coconut scents never catch my attention or make me want to purchase a product more than any other average scent. I think I sniffed an sickly sweet coconut scented lotion or spray when I was a little girl and it scarred me. However, this deodorant just smells so soft, so feminine, it’s really a treat and I find myself sniffing my pits the first hour after applying because it lingers and just smells amazing! When I sniff this product I pick up an ever so subtle citrus note that isn’t tart but, I think that’s what keeps the coconut from smelling too sweet. I’d categorize this scent as moderate in strength. I can smell it on myself about 2 hours after application and hubby can detect it when he hugs me in that timeframe too. It isn’t so strong that it’s overwhelming or off putting, and no one more than about 6 inches away from me can smell it. Its just like a faint reminder that “hey you’re pretty& not sweaty!”.


Performance: ever since I first started needing deodorant it has been a struggle to find one that works for me. I didn’t need clinical strength, I don’t sweat a crazy amount, just something about most deodorants didn’t jive with my body’s chemistry making them for the most part, ineffective. Once I found one that worked (Secret) I stuck with it for years. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least when I wore Dove Advanced Care the first couple days and it worked! It kept me dry and smelling pleasant all day long (and even over night). It also feels very pleasant and moisturizing on my under-arms, not slippery like slathering on lotion, but just creamy and nourishing.

Overall: once I run out of this deodorant I will definitely be repurchasing. It smells wonderful and keeps me protected from wetness/B.O. for a full 24 hours. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is looking for a deodorant that is very pleasant to use and will nourish dry underarms and even help prevent razor burn.

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Disclaimer: I received this product from Influenster for the express purpose of testing and review. I was in no way paid for this review or pressured to give positive feedback.


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