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Summer Blush Collective 2015

Hello again, lovelies! I am back on this fine day to bring you what are my favorite blushes for this summer. There are so many beautiful blushes out there, it pains me to think that just two years ago I rarely wore blush at all. However, ever since I’ve been slowly building my collection I have come across some real gems at the drugstore, which are gorgeous for a healthy summer glow and I will be sharing them with you all today. 🙂 Off we go…

Milani baked blush in “Luminoso” ($7.49 here)

Everyone and their mothers have heard raves about this alleged NARS Orgasam “Dupe” and it’s sold out 90% of the time. Well, I’m here to tell you all, it’s not a dupe *queue collective gasp*! It gives a similar effect as Orgasam but it isn’t as pink nor as sparkly. I owned Orgasam and actually ended up returning it because I really didn’t get the hype, this however, Luminoso makes you look like you are just radiant! It’s not a noticeable “blushed” color where you look like you just worked out for an hour, rather it makes you look glowy and just healthy. No chunky glitter, no fallout, a smidgen Dusty when you dip your brush in but applies beautifully. I was surprised how orange/peach it looked when I bought it but don’t fret it doesn’t come off bronze-y, promise. 😉


Milani baked blush in “Dolce Pink” ($7.49 here)

This blush is a gorgeous neutral Pink with white-gold shimmer/micro glitter. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skinned gals, it is very shimmery with some noticeable glitter. The glitter isn’t chunky of scratchy though, it’s apparent in the sun but in a flattering youthful way. The texture of this one is a bit drier than Luminoso, the sheen you see in the pan is what transfers onto the cheeks and I love it. This would look gorgeous with festival makeup or with simple makeup for a cookout. Overall, this blush is gorgeous and when I wear it I always find myself staring at my cheeks in the mirror all day!


Maybelline Master Hi-Lite highlighting blush in “Coral” ($7.99 here)

I never really considered buying these blushes when they released Spring 2014, were they a highlighter? Were they a blush? Nobody knows! I thought if a blush they’d be too shimmery and if a highlight they’d be an odd color, I was wrong. These are set up like a little brick mosaic, they’re composed of four different colors, and in the shade I chose two colors were matte and two were shimmer. For ages I used this as a highlighter just lightly tapping my brush on the shimmer champagne shade. However, recently I started using it as a blush swirling the whole mix together and it looks really lovely! The shimmer shades are a softer formula than the mattes, but the matte little “bricks” outnumber the shimmer ones so it balances out. This is a more brown-based coral, it would be great for those of you that want a beautiful summer flush without looking clownish, it’s very natural and gives you a sense of being “lit from within”.


Elf Blush Palette in “Light” ($6 here

Overall this is an amazing blush palette and for $6 it can’t be beat. It comes with four little square pans of blush (the entire palette is about the size of my palm) that can be popped out if you like. At first I was like “why can they be popped out? Just to rearrange them in the palette?” no, there is another version of this palette designed for deeper skin tones. So you can mix & match between the palettes (and I’m assuming their new Contour Palette, Bronzer Palette, & Foundation Palette all have the same style of “pop-outtable” pans so they’re awesome for traveling)! Here is a overview of the palette, although I think two shades are far more fit for summer than the other two (which we will touch on in just a moment).


I think that both shades on the right are perfect for summer, and I wore the heck out of the two blushes on the left this past winter. Now these shades are not named (womp, womp) so I will refer to them as Shade 1 (top right) and Shade 2 (bottom right).

Shade 1

Shade one looks very orange in the pan, and when I first saw this I though Elf was insane for calling that a blush, but to my surprise it works very nicely lightly dusted on the cheeks & I even love using it combined with my more cool toned blushes to create a custom hue. It isn’t as straight orange as it looks, it has reddish pink undertones making it very wearable. I wouldn’t recommend this shade for super fair ladies but if you’re a light/medium or medium skin tone then this shade is very flattering and can definitely enhance your tan (or help add some color to your foundation if you self tan but exclude your face/neck). This shade is very smooth and is matte, when applied it doesn’t look chalky or flat it has a very slight sheen to it which is ultimately flattering but will not make you look oily.


Shade 2

This shade is a deeper coral color with flecks of gold throughout. I wouldn’t call the gold glitter, but I wouldn’t call it shimmer either. The best I can describe it is: it kind of looks like if gold leaf was chopped up into micro pieces. It doesn’t transfer too much onto the face, a gold fleck here and there which I don’t mind. It’s not scratchy, gritty or dry which is a nice surprise coming from a blush at such an affordable price point. I have to use a light hand with this blush because the pigmentation is strong and I lean more on the light/medium side of things. This blush I think would look phenomenal on deeper skin tones, it lends more of a sheen than Shade One just enough so you look healthy and not completely matte. Be aware, besides this one having the gold flecks previously noted it is matte, extremely smooth and joyously pigmented. Favorite blush of the palette!

If you look verrrry closely you can see the teeny tiny gold flecks I referred to above.

I hope that I have helped you all feel inspired to find your perfect summer shade to carry with you everywhere this summer!

What are your all time favorite blushes? Are you a blush addict or could live without? See ya’ next time, thanks for stopping by!

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xx, Shannon


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