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Mckenzie: 9 month update!

Hello all! I’m sorry it has been a hot minute since I last posted. I’m not going to try to make excuses I’ve been lazy lately.:-( Anywhoo, today I bring you all an update on our sweet little lady Kenzie, who is currently 9 months old (and will be 10 months on the 22nd!).

I have thought this so many times throughout her short life so far but here I’m saying it again: I think this is my favorite stage yet! She is just so much fun.


Alrighty so here we go!

Height: 27.5″

Weight: 19.6lbs

Current Size: anything that fits. Right now she has some 3M onesies that fit her still, she fits perfectly in 6-9M & some 9-12M for the most part though. She actually got one more use out of one of our favorite 0-3M onesies just a few days ago, we we’re shocked.

Sleep: still sleeping through the night, although she used to go from 8-8, 7-7, etc. Now she goes from 7-5:45 or 8-6. Not as long but we are still getting a full nights sleep so as hard as it is to get up at what feels like the crack of dawn, we’re pleased.:)

Foods: Still drinking 2 or 3 8oz bottles a day, along with a snack of cherrios or fruit and a single 8oz serving of baby food (one jar fruit one veggies, stage 2).


Favorite Things: laughing/smiling, anything food-related, scootching away on her back while we are trying to fasten on a fresh diaper, sitting in her rocker chair and trying at every angle to poke the ground, finding hair balls or fuzz on the ground…staring at it in her hands and proceeding to slowly put it into her mouth…which I catch before she does 99% of the time thank God, slapping her thighs, making toot noises with her mouth, wiggling her tongue all sorts of crazy ways, fake crying until someone makes eye contact, pulling her blankie up next to her cheek and sucking her thumb to sleep, and kisses/raspberries!

Least-Favorite Things: naps, peas (hit and miss), baths, not being able to touch the ground while in her chair (aka. When we prop it up, she’s peeved), not being able to push her head through the mesh on her Pack-N-Play using sheer strength, very cold foods (ice cream startles her), & wearing hats or headbands!





We have been having such an amazing amount of fun with this little boogie. We are so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and blessed to be her parents and watch her grow up right before our eyes, even if we do wish she would slow down on that just a tad. I cannot believe she will be a whole year old in just 2 short months & 11 days, honestly it makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it! We love you so much baby bear, little boo, “Kenzatrel”, “Kenzalina”, Mckenzie Cathryn Shea & can’t wait for all the adventures you have in store for us!:)

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for my next post coming soon.

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xxx Shannon


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