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Looks using L’Oreal La Palette Nude(s)

Hey there! I’m glad you’ve returned to see what makeup goodies I have in store for you all on this fine day.

My review on the L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1 you can read here was pretty popular and a few of you requested I do a post of looks I’ve created with the palette(s) thus far. Ask and you shall receive!


For the above look I used the lightest shimmery shade from La Palette 1 all over my lid. The matte blush shade as a transition (always use a transition!!), the medium matte brown more precisely in my crease, & the darkest matte brown in my outer V to deepen things up and add some extra dimension. I also used the L’oreal 24hr Lacquer Liner in Balckest Black to line my upper lash line and do my wing.


The day I wore this look we we’re going on a 7+ hour car ride so this is my version of “traveling makeup”. I used the #2 shade in La Palette Nude 1 all over my lid & the medium warm brown matte in my crease kind of messily to add some definition and make my eyes look less puffy/tired. Finally I used the lightest shimmer shade as a brow bone and inner corner highlight! Boom #awakeface.


This look was inspired by Tati A.K.A. the GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, she did a Smokey eye using this palette for her first impressions video and I loved the way it turned out so I tried to duplicate it. I used the medium brown shimmer shade all over my lid, the medium brown in my crease and I built up the intensity of the deepest matte brown in my outer V to really smoke things out. I basically then just repeated the process on my lower lash line and smoked that out a decent amount too to balance the finished look.


The first look I’ve created with La Palette Nude 2 is this one. I really wanted to play with the purples in the palette and see what I could do. I took the medium burgundy shimmer shade all over my lid, added the blushey-taupe color as a transition, took the light purple shade (#9) more concentrated in the crease, and then plopped some of the deepest purple shade in my outer V. After I finished I decided to go back and add a pop of brightness to the center of my lid using shade #1, it really hanged the look up and I love the outcome!

Personally I prefer the second palette, the pigmentation is a bit better, colors blend more flawlessly, and as shocking as it might sound, the two matte purples perform even better than Plum from my Lorac Pro 2. They actually read purple on the eye not just off-black.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I certainly have been enjoying playing with these palettes and recommend ANY makeup junkie or beginner pick up at least La Palette Nude 2 for your collection. What do you guys think of these palette? Tweet me some looks you’ve created (@themakeupmantra)!

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